The El-bethel School is set on a sprawling campus; the picturesque village at Rasapunja, in the district of South 24 Parganas provides a unique backdrop. The school is located on the Thakurpukur, Bakrahat Road.
Founded in 2005, The El-Bethel School is a venture of the “Kazi Abdur Rahman and Kazi Mijanur Rahman Charitable Trust”. Since it’s inception, the school has grown and established a reputation for incorporating innovative and modern methods of the teaching and learning process; not to mention academic excellence.
We believe in and impart education that fosters excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health, a consciousness of social obligations and concern for environment in each student. Our students cherish their Indian culture and at the same time respect the culture of people from other parts of the world. We believe in education that teaches not only to make a living but how to live.
The School accords the highest priority to the realization of talent and potential at all levels of the faculty and administration so that the young shall never be denied the finest, the latest, and the most meaningful in the realm of knowledge and life.
The Motto of the school is “Make our School a Fountain of Virtue and Wisdom”.

Developing virtues (Kindness, patience, hard work, confidence, honesty, responsibility, creativity, perseverance, compassion, respectfulness, self-sufficiency, courage, courtesy etc) helps a child to feel that they are leading a more purposeful life. In our context, children participate in class activities in order to learn virtues vis-à-vis the learners gather the ability to discern and judge which aspects of their learning or knowledge are true, right, lasting, and applicable to the life for good and betterment.
We aim to fulfill through.

  1. Laying down a foundation of wellbeing, so that every pupil will exceed their own expectations both in and outside the classroom.
  2. Offering lessons and learning experiences that challenge assumptions, foster creativity and promote independence.
  3. Excellence in public examinations leading to opportunities in higher education and life beyond school as a consequence of these attitudes and factors.
  4. Fostering in every pupil a strong sense of self-worth, supported by an outstanding pastoral system.
  5. Recognizing the importance of co-curricular activities as a means of promoting positive engagement.
  6. Teaching our pupils to empathize with each other.
  7. Encouraging our pupils to look beyond material goals and strive to make a positive difference to the community around.