The foundation of a sound education system is the biggest service that one can do for the nation and for humanity. Education shapes the destiny of the nation and each one of our students will be a success story is my dream; it is my commitment.

I believe that our sole responsibility is to ensure that each child gets his due right to gain knowledge through education and thus develop into a responsible citizen of the future. It is up to us to build the foundation for him, which will ultimately equip him to judge between right and the wrong. I further like to emphasize on the fact that the young minds of my esteemed institute must master both; the language English and the art of communication as the blend of the two can open the vista of the world for them.

El-Bethel envisages making each one of its students the best and successful citizen of India. The talented faculties inculcate in each student the spirit of dedication, sincerity and loyalty. The qualities inculcated in children since childhood are honed and nurtured, developed and directed with a mission and vision to create people who will be the future leaders. Nurturing talent to bring out the full potential of students and empower them with a winning attitude, empower them to be sensitive to their environment with a progressive attitude.

Mr. K. N. Rahman
Founder & Secretary