El-Bethel School ardently believes and emphasises on the fact that to put oneself across, be it in a social gathering, classroom, family, interview or any other formal or informal gathering; art of communication is the master key to all. Knowledge can be possessed by many but correct presentation of that knowledge is an art. The one who knows this art of communicating and presenting oneself with confidence is the winner in today's world. El-Bethel School’s academic spectra also focuses on encouraging the students to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested young wards for the rest of their professional and personal lives. The students need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to develop their knowledge and interest in these areas. A broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum is designed to prepare the students and also to support their successful application to high-calibre within and outside India.
  1. To focus on the individual student and inspire each student to do his or her best and realize his or her full potential.
  2. Strengthen the educational function of school and make the school a centre of aggregation.
  3. To develop each student’s interest in and enjoyment of a broad range of activities including sport, music, art, drama, outdoor pursuits, and service to the society, providing opportunities for developing each pupil's skill and knowledge in these areas.
  4. To be a school where students from varied backgrounds feel equal where their social and academic needs are met in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.
  5. Allow the students to acquire knowledge and self-awareness and to cooperate with them to acquire behaviours entailing acceptance, respect, solidarity with others in the school community and in a multicultural society.
  6. Increase motivation in students and stimulate the acquisition of an effective study method.
  7. Promote the consolidation of English language and communication skills to facilitate the enrolment in a broader spectrum of esteemed institutes for advanced studies.