Assembly is one of the important aspects of the school’s curriculum and especially the morning assembly which is an integral part of the school’s schedule, it brings the whole school back together again after the weekend break, to re-focus upon the week in view, on its objectives and the methods or procedures to be followed to achieve them.

The assembly at El-Bethel School begins at 7-30 a.m. in the morning with the Morning Prayer followed by the school anthem. The students are encouraged to read out the news headlines and quote the thought of the day, the Principal declares the class of the week which is judged by all the subject teachers every period throughout the week based on certain significant parameters for instance application, neatness, attitude, conduct, communication skills etc. However every morning assembly held in an esteemed institution has certain positive influences not only in a student’s life but every person present in the event. It plays an important role for a child’s development.