1. Students should be disciplined, decent and decorous at all times.
  2. All students are required to attend the classes on school days. Students must attend all classes as per school Time Table and bring with them all relevant books.
  3. They shall practice good manners and cultured behaviour at all times and at all places.
  4. They will have to dress neatly wearing only the prescribed uniforms while attending the school, during game periods and at organized activities.
  5. They should greet their friends, classmates and members of the staff respectfully.
  6. Students should be courteous to other students who are differently abled or younger in age, especially in and away from schools.
  7. While attending the school/public functions, students behaviour, attitude and conduct should uphold the dignity of the school.
  8. Girls are not permitted to have streaked hair, fancy hairstyles, make up, painted nails or mehndi. Boys on the other hand are not permitted to have streaked hair, long hair, long side burns or fancy hairstyles or wear bracelets/chains/ friendship bands or other bands. We advise the students to follow this stringently during their school tenure.
  9. Being a renowned ICSE school we expect our young minds to communicate in English within the school campus.
  10. Use of offensive languages will call for strict disciplinary measures.
  11. While changing classes, students should maintain corridor discipline.
  12. Students are allowed to put on wrist watch from Class VI onwards.
  13. In matters related to giving punishment for violating any of the rules of the school, the decision of the Principal/Management will be final.
  14. No student shall enter/leave the classroom without the consent of the teacher.
  15. Students are prohibited from damaging the school building, furniture or equipment in anyway whatsoever.
  16. Students are strictly prohibited from carrying mobile phone to the school. If it is a necessity the student can bring and deposit the same in the office of the school. In case of emergency the school will take the responsibility to communicate with the parents.
  17. Students should bring their diary daily to school and ID cards should be worn and displayed.
  18. Students are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the school premises and its surroundings.
  19. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of any valuable articles or money.
  20. Students should not lend, borrow or exchange money or other personal articles.
  21. Addiction substances are strictly prohibited in and out of the school campus.
  22. Students may not leave the school premises during the school working hours unless they have a letter signed by their parents, requesting permission to do so. This letter must be sent to the Principal through the class teacher.
  23. Students are encouraged to participate in all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of school.