Teaching Methodology
There is no doubt that a good teacher is the reason behind a successful individual. They are trained to create a deep and meaningful connection with the students – one that sustains beyond the twelve school years. Teaching methods in the classroom are interactive and aim at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills.

Teachers find a variety of approaches that stimulate interest and motivation among the students. The simple and effective teaching methods are a testimony at providing a complete and holistic approach in education, which aims at developing the children into academically sound and socially well-integrated individuals. Courses for students at all levels are clearly structured to enable students and teachers to clearly know what the learning outcomes should be. Teachers expose a student to one concept at a time to ensure that the student has absorbed the concept thoroughly. Lessons will alternate between oral, individual and group work in a manner that ensures that students always remain alert and focused.

Students who fall behind in their work are advised, motivated, helped, and mentored until they catch up. As long as they manage their own time successfully, students' time is theirs. Need based time to time help is given to each student. El-Bethel always offer structured courses and in so doing a system of academic follow up is observed to detect the deficiency in knowledge. This system allows the teacher to closely follow the progress of each individual and the efforts are given to ascertain or determine the inadequacy within the learner. Finally, the teacher is in the process of eliminating them to avoid future problems so far as knowledge is concerned for that particular learner or group of learners.