El-Bethel School aims to inspire achievement beyond the bounds of expectation, without compromise. Every day we coax the very best from our young minds, empowering them to identify, broaden and develop their talents. We promote independence of thought, an appetite for intellectual risk, and a thirst for learning for its own sake. Motivated and confident, our learners discover the power of civilised values and attitudes, indeed a complete philosophy of living, to guide them in their present and future lives. We always strive to deliver exceptional education right across the academic spectrum.
  • Trust and Fair Play
  • Minimum Monitoring
  • Allow Schools to evolve own niche – Progressive Institutions
  • Needs of the children – Renew their objectives
  • Freedom to experiment with new ideas and practices
  • The schools must continuously evolve – ‘You won’t skid if you stay in a rut’
  • Diversity and Plurality – The basic strength of evolution of ideas
  • Schools must motivate pupil towards the cultivation of Indian morals
  • Excellence – The Indian experience
  • Values – Spiritual and Cultural – to be the Bed Rock of the educational experience
  • Schools to have ‘Indian Ethos’ and strong roots in the National Psyche.