Career counselling aids students to recognize their strengths and values, and they are guided accordingly by administering standardized aptitude tests and helping them make the right choice of subjects for their higher education and careers. High School and Higher Secondary School students and their parents are provided with personal and group sessions as they navigate their way through various universities and career options available, to help them choose the most suitable courses and university. Workshops are organized to help students gain knowledge about changing career trends and academic and university requirements. Students are guided at every step of their university applications to ensure that they have a basket of university placements by the time they complete Class XII.

Besides career counselling, due emphasis is laid on personal counselling to support the emotional health of our students. The Counsellors act as facilitators, and students are encouraged to speak their mind, and let out their feelings and emotions without inhibition. This helps students introspect, which enables the Counsellor to guide them to handle the matter on their own. However, personal guidance is provided whenever required. Students are helped to identify their learning styles and further guided if they need additional learning support from teachers or specialists.

The world is full of opportunities and very few students are aware of this. There is a plethora of professions one can take up. It is here that counselling and career guidance becomes very pertinent. The Counsellor helps them make the right choices and identify where their aptitudes and interests lie.

As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said “Every day is a New Learning; every day is a New Opportunity”