Technology plays a major role in twenty-first century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand throughout the school day. El-Bethel School has come up with a modern air-conditioned Computer Lab with fire safety methods and ISDN facility implemented. The technology curriculum is dealt efficiently by qualified and trained teachers who are in charge of the Computer Lab to help students to enhance the understanding of the subject. The Syllabus includes the study of Operating System, Internet, Computing and Ethics and MS-Office Applications and other programming languages to develop their potential and practical computer skills. Internet, LAN, Scanners, Printers etc to satisfy the interest of learners are installed. All computers run on UPS [Uninterrupted Power Supply].

Rules To be Followed
A computer lab is a very important and delicate environment that requires strict safety and maintenance. So to be ensured, some rules to be set while using a computer.
  • No eating and drinking is allowed in the computer lab.
  • Strict silence and discipline to be maintained by the students.
  • The machines are to be handled with care by every student.
  • The instructions of the teachers in the computer lab are to be obeyed by the students.
  • If any student notices any defect in the machine, he/she must report to the teacher in the lab immediately.
  • Computers are electrical gadgets hence the wires and plugins of the machine should never be tampered with.’
  • No one is allowed to repair, install or troubleshoot computers or systems in the computer lab.