The ongoing academic session of El-Bethel School comprises of Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations apart from viva voce and project work for students of Classes I to IX and X, to promote and facilitate the learning process. The parents/guardian of every student is requested to sign the Unit Test marks, failing which a deduction in marks will be done.

Progress Reports are issued to students after each Terminal Examination and the report card is sent to the parents to have a clear idea regarding the strength and weakness of the child on the subjects.

Promotion on the other hand is based on the following criteria :
  1. Students are promoted to the next class based on Continuous Assessment Semester and Annual Examination.
    Continuous Assessment: El-Bethel School believes that assessment is intrinsically linked with the teaching – learning process and is an indispensable tool to measure the efficacy of class room instruction in bringing about knowledge application and essential skill development in students. It is the means to identify the learning needs of students, evaluate, and reflect on the progress in achieving the desired learning outcomes, recognize the areas that need further attention, prepare a constructive feedback and utilize the same for future improvement.
  2. The entire Academic Session’s performance will be based on :
    1. Pre-Primary: Daily performance in class and weekly assessment work sheets.
    2. Class I to IX & XI: Daily performance in class and an aggregate of 40% of the annual examination. A student has to pass in English, Mathematics, Second Language and two other subjects is a prerequisite also.
  3. For All Classes: A minimum attendance of 80% throughout the entire academic session is a mandatory criterion for rank and promotion of a student. For instance a student securing rank with attendance percentage less than 80 will be bereft from promotion.
  4. Students not securing promotion for two consecutive academic sessions will be notified to withdraw.
  5. Fee concession, if any, will be forfeited for students repeating the same class.
  6. The decision of the Promotion Committee headed by the Principal is final and binding. The Promotion Committee shall not entertain any request which contradicts the norms set for promotion.