‘To teach is to learn’.
‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. I practise and I learn’.

The word ‘teaching’ is a very dynamic, complex and comprehensive concept. Teaching is to help the students to lead a complete and well-balanced life with satisfaction and this include a continuing life of some significance.

Teaching is an art. It is a spontaneous flow of teacher’s mind& heart. It is an art because it involves human beings, their emotions, values and their own thinking. Our teaching aims at El-Bethel is to help the students to learn by imparting knowledge to them and by setting up a situation in which students can and learn effectively.

Education is an act or process which facilitates the development of a person’s character. It enhances his physical, mental and spiritual powers, intelligence and self-consciousness so as to prepare the individual to become self-confident and self-reliant, and finally gives him motivation to serve the society and nation at large. At El-Bethel, we facilitate the student-teacher to prepare them to be global citizens, develop in them high emotional and spiritual quotient for social transformation.

With the advancement of knowledge, science and technology, education has become need-based. Teacher’s role has become multifaceted and challenging. At El-Bethel, we give more importance to the learner than that of the content or even information.

The teaching-learning process can be successful in the present day’s environment only when the followings are maintained: learning environment, learning programme, support system for students, assessment practices and institutions-community linkage. At El-Bethel, our learning environment is such that would not only promote a culture of values and respect for individual but also improve skill, self-confidence and willingness to take challenges.

My message to all teachers and student-teachers: We should be proud of being a teacher and say: ‘I am a teacher, I am a nation builder, I am a torch-bearer, how great I am, how responsible I am.’

Dr. Mitali Panda

El – Bethel College